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The Marilyn Denis Show recommends Tero

In the latest episode of Marilyn's 10 Days of Giving, @marilyndenis and @charles.the.butler featured the Tero device as a fantastic gift idea for those wanting to do something for the environment.

What they liked about the device? It is made in Canada, it reduces your ecological footprint by half, it transforms up to 95% of your food waste in a few hours, without odors. Reserve yours now using the link in bio.

The media are talking about Tero

The Tero on The Globe and Mail's Holiday gift ideas

" Compost the leftovers from your culinary creations into nutrient-rich organic fertilizer with Tero. "

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From food waste to fertilizer in hours

" What makes it so unique is that it’s odourless, low-noise with a drying technology that allows every person and family to make a positive impact on the environment. "

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Throw less, recycle more

" The Tero Food Recycler can help prevent food waste from ending up in landfills where it produces methane gas. "

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Canadian brand aims to simplify — and take the stink out of— composting

" Made in Canada Tero tackles food waste with countertop composting. "

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Food waste management made easy with Tero

" A start-up from Quebec, Tero, offers a solution that takes up little space in the kitchen and allows you to recycle kitchen waste in a short time. "

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Tero: Canada's award-winning countertop food recycler

" A revolution in food waste management is set to transform Canadian kitchens. "

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Our testers

Find out what our testers thought of their first experience with the Tero.