About us

Our vision

At Tero, our vision is to create a positive social and environmental impact globally by inspiring change in habits in the day-to-day management of food waste.

Our mission

Tero's mission is to inspire people to take action for the environment by conceiving the best organic waste recycling solutions. The core values that guide the company's development are innovation, quality, social and environmental responsibility, and the pleasure of doing things well with a view to sustainability.


Our story

Powerless in the face of the lack of composting solutions, Elizabeth and Valérie chose to work on the management of residual organic matter in homes during their graduation project for their bachelor's degree in product design at Laval University. Living in Quebec City, they did not have access to the municipal composting service and their apartment had no outdoor composting space. Indoor composting with earthworms (vermicomposting) is really not for everyone! They felt there was a lot to do to make composting finally enjoyable and accessible to all citizens and they wanted to take up this challenge.

To begin, they met with several experts in the field to get a good understanding of the life cycle of household waste. They visited the Régie Verte landfill site, the Lévis industrial composting centre, the Quebec City incinerator and many others. They then questioned, observed and met with several hundred citizens through questionnaires and interviews directly in their homes to learn more about their food waste management experience and to fully understand their needs.

Surprised to see how complex the management of compostable materials was, they found that citizens really want to do their part for the environment and are interested in composting, but they are hindered by several obstacles, fears and irritants.

Our founders

On October 15, 2019, they reached a key milestone in the development of Tero: the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform that allowed people to pre-order a device by investing a certain amount of money. The month-long campaign allowed them to raise more than$1 750 000. What a surprise and what an honour it is for them to have achieved their objective so quickly and to have, at the same time, confirmed the urgent need for such a device in the daily lives of the population.

The manufacturing and development of an innovative device brings its share of engineering challenges and requires a lot of time. The entire Tero team is very much looking forward to delivering the first Tero aircraft in the summer of 2021, which will then be on the shelves of certain stores.

The goal always remains to offer an effective solution to a societal problem and to contribute to a greener and more eco-responsible future.

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