From waste to fertilizer

Reduce the volume of your waste in 3 quick and easy steps.


Put all types of food waste gathered throughout the week, including animal materials.


Press Start. In just a few hours, its odorless and low-noise technology reduces the volume of your food waste by almost 90%.


The result: a dry, natural and nutrient-rich fertilizer for plants, lawns and gardens.

Introducing Tero

The easy way to transform your food waste

Recycle more, waste less

Find out why the Tero is the best in its class.

Easy to use

Fast and automatic process that effortlessly transforms your waste in 3 to 8 hours.


Its advanced anti-odor system eliminate odors and keeps your environment clean.

Easy to maintain

Using the Tero device can reduce your waste footprint by 50%.


Don’t compromise your routine and start the Tero device whenever you want without being disturbed.

Be part of the revolution

You've been wanting to do your part for the environment for a while? Don't hesitate any longer. It has never been so easy.

Best in class performance

Due to its patented dual blade and heating technology, the Tero produces a nutrient rich, ready to use fertilizer as soon as 3 hours.

Eco conscious

Designed with a refillable silicon tray, Tero uses biodegradable activated carbon pellets that can be used as soil amendment. No cartridges to throw away.

Smart features

The only connected food recycler on the market. Enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity that lets your Tero device always have the latest version.

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Our products

Key technologies

Due to our patented technology, multiples cycles can be done in a day.

Powerful motor

Drives eight blades to grind and pulverize difficult debris. 90% of your food scraps is reduced into a natural nutrient-rich fertilizer. Including avocado pits and corn cobs.

Intelligent sensors

Sensors are integrated in the device to detect, protect and regulate humidity in order to automatically run the transformation cycle efficiently.


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Smell the difference

The advanced anti-odor system includes a dual filtration and a seal that captures 99% of odors and dust.

You'll be able to carry on with your normal activities in a clean environment.

Grand Prix du Design Award-Winning Product

The Tero device was designed to inspire creating healthy habits in reducing your food waste footprint. Its unique elongated design optimizes bin capacity, the deposit of food scraps, as well as to fit into any countertop consumer’s kitchen.

Why buy fertilizer while you can make your own?

The transformed material resulting from the Tero is a natural fertilizer that contains mainly nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

This fertilizer is easily spread outdoors in plants, in the garden or directly on the lawn. Once spread on the ground, it quickly releases its nutrients into the soil, continuing to mature in contact with the soil and micro-organisms.

The revolutionary composting device that everyone is talking about.

The only connected food recycler on the market

With the Tero Plus, start and schedule your waste transformation cycles from a Tero mobile app. Plus, track your environmental impact live.

Schedule your cycles remotely

Schedule and start your cycles at a time that works best for you.

Upgradable to always be at its best

Optimize the performance of your device over the years with updates.

View your environmental impact

See how much waste and GHG you are saving.

An innovation thought and designed by two entrepreneurs

An innovation thought and designed by two entrepreneurs
Powerless in the face of the lack of composting solutions and the desire to reduce their footprint, Elizabeth and Valerie decided to create Tero. Tero offers a solution to all those who wish to do their part for the environment by recovering their food waste.